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The military community "Company Group Team" is a team of veterans   and active servicemen.

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The "CGT" association was founded in 2018 by military personnel from one unit.

It all started with the idea of raising the prestige of our Armed Forces and replenishing its ranks with new personnel with fresh ideas for qualitative changes in the country's defense capability system.

The team created a page on Instagram to talk about their activities. The general concept of the "CGT" philosophy consists in promoting the new face of the army - professionals in their field, decent servicemen, with a sense of honor and dignity before the people to whom they have sworn an oath.


The unit in which the team members served needed some material support. It was decided to create the "CGT" merch. Today, their patches, t-shirts and hoodies are worn by both military and civilians not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries of the world. "CGT" is associated with professionalism, quality of performance, both combat tasks and clothing, a high level of responsibility to those who trusted and relied on, the desire for improvement and daily work on oneself.



For 4 years, the military community has found like-minded people among the employees of various law enforcement agencies and even abroad. In various countries of the world, representatives of "CGT" lobby for the interests of Ukraine and confirm by their own example that Ukrainians are the best in everything. Members of the team have been awarded various departmental and state awards, participate in competitions, demonstrating the best results, defended and continue to defend the native land in various areas of the front. The history of "CGT" was written by more than one life and continues to confirm the military glory of its brothers.

Army help

All proceeds from sales of the team's merch go to support professional Ukrainian fighters who perform tasks assigned to the fronts, members of the "CGT" family. Today, it is no longer one group, but several full-fledged units that require constant financial support.


In addition, even if you are not a military person, but wear "CGT" items, you must share the values of the team - to be a worthy Ukrainian, a professional in your field and help the Ukrainian army defeat the enemy.

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